Protect Your Athlete’s Teeth

As summer begins to wind down, and you start preparing your children for the return to school, and sports, you may want to consider a sports mouth guard. Sports related injuries are the leading cause of tooth loss in children. A custom fit mouth guard designed by Baltimore, MD dentist Dr. Desbordes offers improved comfort and performance to over the counter options.
baltimore md custom mouthguard

Custom Mouth Guard Benefits

Custom fit mouth guards offer a full range of benefits and can be effective for patients of all ages. Kids and teens playing contact sports should consider a custom mouth guard to help protect their teeth during sports. Mouth guards can help to protect braces and other dental restorations that are more expensive to repair.

  • Reduce irritation of the gums and soft tissues of the mouth
  • More comfortable, snug fit
  • Kids and teens are more likely to wear them due
  • Easily drink fluids with the mouth guard in place
  • Maximum protection in the event of an accident
  • May reduce mild concussions
  • Increase in athletic performance when wearing a custom mouthguard
  • Do not have to waste energy biting down on the appliance to keep it in place

Dr. Desbordes will take impression molds of the patient’s mouth to design a mouth guard that fits securely. Once molds are made, the fabrication may take a few weeks. We recommend parents bring their children in as the summer winds down so that the mouthguard will be ready by the time their sports team begins practice in the fall.

Get off to a great, safe start this school year with the ease of mind knowing your children’s smiles are protected. Mouthguards are insurance on the investment you make in your child’s oral health. Custom fit mouth guards can help your children maintain their beautiful, healthy smiles. If you are interested in receiving a custom fit mouth guard for you, or your child, contact our Baltimore, MD dentist office or schedule a consultation online.