Is This Normal: Dental Anxiety?

anxious womanIn short, yes. Dental anxiety is very normal. Most patients suffer from a percentage of dental anxiety when going to the dentist. We understand that each patient is different and Dr. Byron Desbordes and his team take pride in providing customized care so that our patients feel comfortable, safe, and informed during all dental treatments, even something as simple as a preventative care visit.

What Do I Do About My Dental Anxiety?

Close your eyes and count to one hundred? Or perhaps, take a deep breath. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Honestly, do whatever works for you. We are here to ensure you receive quality treatment and matching results. However, just in case your way to relieve your dental anxiety doesn’t work, we do offer a variety of sedation options so that you feel little to nothing during your dental treatment. We will work with you to plan the best treatment option.

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a source of stress for you. Let our team help ease your anxiety and help restore your smile. We believe in opening the lines of communication between patients and dentist. If you are unaware of the details of your treatment plan and would feel more comfortable knowing what direction we are going during with your treatment, let us know so we can inform you.We will work with you to give you the results you desire.

Planning Your Visit

Although you may suffer from dental anxiety, it is important to get your teeth checked regularly. Don’t let dental anxiety be the reason you develop complex dental problems. Visit our Windsor Mill dental office and let our skilled team put you at ease while we examine and treat your dental needs. Contact us at (410) 216-4023 or request an appointment online.

Author: Dr. Desbordes