Food to Feed Your Teeth

Everyone knows good nutrition is important to living a healthy life, but did you know that for teeth, besides chewing our food, many foods actually benefit our teeth? Our teeth need nutrients just like the rest of our body, so adding these foods in your diet will help keep your smile healthy and bright. And added bonus: they’re delicious, too!


Cheese is rich in calcium, like most dairy foods, which promotes healthy bones. Our bodies use the calcium in cheese to rebuild enamel and strengthen our bones. Since we can’t produce our own calcium — it’s a mineral that we can only get by consuming it — and we lose it quickly, snacking on some cheese is a good way to be sure you’re getting enough calcium in your diet.


An apple away may keep the doctor away but your dentist wants you to have them too! Eating too many carbohydrates, starches, and sugary foods erodes enamel due to acids they produce in our mouths. Try picking up an apple to satisfy your “sweet tooth” instead. Apples are rich in vitamin C, which can help reduce inflammation. People who suffer from periodontitis (gum disease) could benefit from having some extra vitamin C in their diets. Other  foods rich in vitamin C include broccoli, oranges, and green peppers.


Even if you eat plenty of dairy every day, your body can’t absorb the calcium it gives you without Vitamin D. Consuming foods rich in vitamin D, such as tuna and salmon, assists your body in absorbing calcium to build those strong teeth and bones. Another excellent source of vitamin D is readily abundant and free: the sun! Enjoying time out in the sun (with sunscreen) does wonders for skin, hair, nails, teeth, and more!


Whole grain oatmeal can help lower the risk of gum disease and also can improve heart health. Having oatmeal in the morning, as part of a healthy breakfast, can help keep your gums too. Be forewarned though: most pre-packaged flavored packets are loaded with added sugar. An excess of sugar will feed the bacteria in your mouth that destroy enamel. To keep the level of sugar low, we recommend making your own plain oats and adding in some berries.  You can also mix in cinnamon to sweeten it up.

Enjoying these tasty, healthy foods can not only improve your dental health, but they’re great for your entire body. Make sure you’re having your teeth examined regularly as part of your dental health routine by checking in with Dr. Desbordes! Schedule a complimentary consultation online or call 410.216.4023 today!

Author: Dr. Desbordes