Maximize Your Dental Benefits Annually

dental insurance benefits
As the year draws to a close, take a moment to consider your dental health needs and make sure you have maximized your dental insurance benefits, which will expire at the end of December each year*. Your dental insurance should allow for two preventive care visits, one very 6 months.

An Ounce of Prevention…

These routine visits are the foundation of lifelong oral health and wellness, helping you avoid the need for extensive dental care to address a complex problem down the road. If you have not been to our office yet this year or only came in once (and it was 6 months ago or more), now is the time to call and schedule an appointment before December 31st to use your dental benefits and maintain the health, beauty, and function of your smile.

Dr. Desbordes welcomes new patients from all around the Baltimore area and our office will work with you to maximize your benefits, including the convenience of electronic filing at the completion of your dental appointment. Dr. Desbordes is a participating dentist with several major carriers:

  • Cigna PPO
  • Delta Dental Premier
  • Humana PPO

For all other insurance carriers, we will file on your behalf as an out of network provider. If you have questions about your specific dental insurance benefits, please call our office and we will gladly assist you.

Maximizing Deductibles

Your dental insurance benefits have a deductible that will reset on December 31st*. If you have already met your deductible, consider this “money in the bank” and maximize your benefits by putting these spent funds to work for you. Once your deductible is met, out of pocket expenses will often decrease dramatically for covered dental treatments, so take advantage of the investment you have made this year and complete a treatment plan, address a dental concern or replace missing teeth. Our office can work with you to determine your annual maximum benefit and provide an estimate of your cost after insurance is paid.

HSA and FSA: Paying for Dental Care

If you are using an HSA or FSA account, it is likely that any unused funds will not roll over at the close of the calendar year for your plan. Dr. Desbordes can work with you to utilize your funds in an HSA or FSA account to cover the cost of your dental care.

The health of your smile is important and plays a role in the enjoyment of overall good health and a great quality of life. Maximize your dental health insurance benefits or HSA/FSA funds each year to maintain your physical wellness and minimize your risk for dental problems, disease, and other health-related concerns.

(*This is the norm, but it is important to confirm the calendar year with your dental insurance provider.)

Author: Dr. Desbordes