Why is Seeing the Dentist So Important?

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You may have heard that you’re supposed to see the dentist at least twice yearly, but if you maintain good oral hygiene, you may be thinking, “Do I really need to go that often?” Although brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing every day are definitely important to maintaining your oral health, seeing your dentist regularly provides more benefits to your health than your at-home regimen can provide alone.

Dr. Byron C. Desbordes is a skilled and professional dentist that provides comprehensive dentistry for his patients in Baltimore, MD. Whether you simply need routine cleanings or have complicated issues or questions about cosmetic procedures, Dr. Desbordes can help!

Why is Seeing the Dentist So Important?

Most people agree that you should see your dentist when you’re having dental pain or a problem with your teeth or gums, but if you have good oral hygiene, you really don’t need to see them twice a year, right? Wrong! Dentists like Dr. Desbordes can spot potential problems that the average person wouldn’t be able to identify. With X-rays, and a professional cleaning by Dr. Desbordes’s team of talented dental hygienists to remove any hardened plaque, or tartar, a visit to the dentist’s office offers services you just can’t get anywhere else.

When plaque builds up on teeth and hardens into tartar, it can cause cavities and gum disease, which are linked to poor overall health. Some overall health problems can also be detected by changes in oral health, such as autoimmune disorders, and your dentist will be able to help you find out if this is just a dental issue or something more.

Why Else Would Someone Need a Dentist?

Our teeth are the strongest part of our bodies but even teeth can be injured in an accident. If you have been injured in an auto or sports accident and suffered trauma to the mouth or teeth, you’ll need to see a dentist as soon as possible. If a tooth has been knocked out, it can still possibly be saved if preserved properly and taken immediately to a dentist’s office. Most dentists keep emergency appointments on their schedules open for situations like this.

You may also want to consult a dentist for cosmetic dentistry concerns such as dental implants, porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding or invisible braces. Dr. Desbordes consults with his patients individually to determine which of the available cosmetic treatments best meet his patients’ dental goals and needs. Many cosmetic treatments can actually restore and preserve your oral health in addition to improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Baltimore, MD

Dr. Byron Desbordes provides complete, affordable, and compassionate dental care to families and individuals. No matter if you need a regular checkup or have a cosmetic goal in mind, let us help you smile your best smile! Call (410) 216-4023 or contact us online to request an appointment today!

Author: Dr. Desbordes