Dr. Byron Desbordes Patient Reviews

Dr. Byron Desbordes and his dental team are dedicated to helping patients improve the health of their teeth and gums. Contact Dr. Desbordes and his dental professional team by calling (410) 216-4023 or requesting an appointment on our website. Learn what patients have to say about our staff and our dental practice below:

Patient Reviews Baltimore, MD dentist

“Dr. Desbordes is the best dentist I have had. I’ve been going to him for the last 6 years. The whole office staff is warm and welcoming. They make you feel like family. Dr. Desbordes takes his time and explains the risk and benefits, along with treatment options. He refers you to great quality Ortho and Periodontist if needed. He is open to suggestions on how to make the care and treatment process better. Most importantly he is not all about a dollar he always welcomes second opinions or if he knows of a more cost-efficient option he will share that information. I feel he genuinely cares about his patients and their well being.” -C. Whitaker

“I have been going to Dr. Desbordes since about 2005 or longer. My son has additionally been a patient since he was able to go to the dentist and he is now 8 with sensory issues. The staff is patient and has gotten to know us. We feel like family there and the dental support is superb. I am not always the best patient but Dr. D and his team will work with me to amend my plan so that we can do what is best moving forward. If you are looking for a family-oriented, caring environment with the bells and whistles of great referrals and plans, you can rely on Dr. Desbordes’ office.” -M. Jas

“This is a team of consummate professionals! I’ve been going to this dentist for over 15 years. His communication and attention to detail are paramount! He has taken care of my children as well. My kids look forward to coming to the dentist! Quality service!” -T. Nice

Author: Dr. Desbordes