Patient Safety & Infection Control Baltimore, MD

Dr. Desbordes and our office team practice the highest standard of infection control at all times, adhering to all guidelines recommended by OSHA and the ADA. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and ongoing health crisis, we have added additional layers of protection to minimize the spread of transmission of the coronavirus when visiting our office.

Dr. Desbordes has always incorporated above standard infection control for the protection of our patients. Our office uses both DentaPure™ and the Sterisil® water treatment system. This “invisible” protection keeps the water used for your treatment is bacteria-free and safe for all types of usage.

We have never increased our fees when adding costs to protect our patients, but recently added requirements to protect against the coronavirus have added more substantial costs to our infection control protocols, especially the ongoing use of costly PPE. For this reason, we will add a small fee to your customary treatment charge. This is for the protection of you, our dental care team, and other patients.

We ask that if you are sick or have been exposed to the coronavirus that you please call our office to reschedule your dental appointment. If you have recently traveled please wait at least 14 days after returning to visit our office. These rules will remain in place until it is no longer a recommendation of the CDC or any local governing bodies and are designed to protect all patients and staff.

Our office has acquired appropriate PPE and will be scheduling appointments on a staggered schedule to limit the number of people in our office for your protection. We will also begin using a curbside check-in process to further limit contact and the sharing of items used in this process. If you have questions about this please call our office, otherwise, all patients will be informed when scheduling or confirming their appointment.

We will have hand sanitizer on site and request that all patients use this upon arrival and when leaving the office.

COVID-19 Office Protocols: what to expect.

Flexvac™: improving office air quality.

Dr. Desbordes has incorporated the use of Flexvac to improve infection control by reducing aerosols and pathogens in the air. Attached to our Healthpro® Plus air filtration system, Flexvac will further support then HyperHEPA filtering and removal of 99.5% of particles in the air.

If you have questions about our office infection control policies please contact us before your visit and we will be happy to address them. Our goal is to continue to provide the high-quality dental care that you expect from us in a safe environment that is designed to minimize the spread of infection and contact with others.