Custom Mouthguard Baltimore, MD

Mouthguards An Overview

Woodlawn MD family dentist Dr. Byron Desbordes highly recommends custom fit sports mouthguards for all patients participating in contact sports. Custom fit mouthguards can protect your teeth, gums and oral appliances (such as braces) from permanent damage on the field. Mouthguards help you protect the investment you have already made in the health and wellness of your teeth and gums.

Benefits of Custom Mouthguards

Dr. Desbordes offers custom fit mouthguards for their range of benefits. Dr. Desbordes highly recommends custom fabricated sports mouthguards as a more effective alternative to over-the-counter options. Protecting the teeth during physical activity can reduce your risk of chipped teeth, knocked out teeth, and injury to the jaw. You only get one set of natural teeth, so it is important to take the proper steps to keep them protected during physical activity.

  • Custom fit mouthguards reduces irritation of the gums and soft tissues of the mouth
  • More comfortable, snug fit
  • Kids and teens are more likely to wear them due to the ability to easily drink fluids with the mouth guard in place
  • Maximum protection in the event of an accident or collision
  • Studies indicate they may reduce mild concussions
  • Recent studies have shown an increase in athletic performance when wearing a custom mouthguard
  • Do not have to waste energy biting down on the appliance to keep it in place
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Mouthguards What to Expect

Dr. Desbordes will custom design a mouthguard to properly and comfortably fit your teeth. A well-fitted mouthguard functions and protects your mouth better than over the counter options. Athletes report being able to concentrate better and perform at their peak when they have a mouthguard that fits well.

Dr. Desbordes will take impressions of your teeth to be used in fabricating your custom appliance. The fabrication of your mouthguard will take a few weeks. Our local dental lab will create the mouthguard after your initial visit. Once fabricated, you can pick up your mouthguard at our Woodlawn, MD dentist office and head straight to your game with the confidence that your oral health is properly protected.

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If you or your children play sports, contact our dentist office in Baltimore MD to learn more about how a custom-fit mouthguard can protect your long-term dental health. Contact our Woodlawn, MD dentist office or schedule a visit online.