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Dentures & Partials An Overview

Replacing your missing teeth is essential for restoring your oral health and daily quality of life. Missing teeth can impact your speech and ability to enjoy a healthy diet and can begin to diminish your quality of life. Woodlawn, MD dentist Dr. Byron Desbordes offers patients a range of treatment options to replace a full arch or full mouth of missing teeth.

Dentures and partial dentures have long been used to replace the upper, lower, or both arches of teeth. With advancements in dental technology, dentures are now more natural-looking and feeling. Dentures can also be permanently secured with dental implants for more stable long-term oral health.

Dentures in our Baltimore Dentist Office

  • Full dentures: a full denture can replace a full arch of upper or lower teeth. Dentures can be removable or fixed with dental implants
  • Partial dentures: a partial denture replaces multiple missing teeth and can also be fixed using dental implants for a more permanent result.
  • Implant-secured dentures: using strategically placed dental implants a denture can be secured for the most natural-looking and functioning result. Dental implant-secured dentures can help retain the full function of the jaw and bite. Dr. Desbordes may work with a local oral surgeon to provide patients with optimal dental implant results.
The Office is always helpful and supportive. It is like a family and everyone is friendly. My husband, who has always been afraid of going to the Dentist is even comfortable here. I would recommend Dr. Desbordes and his office…Robin C.
The service I received was remarkable. You are treated with respect, courteous and tender loving care. They take the time to discuss the procedure upfront with you, as well as, the cost so that you understand the service you are…Melvera W.
Everyone is amazing. From the time you make that initial phone call, to your hygentist/ dental assistant, to Dr. D himself, you know that you are in good hands! Lucked out on a referral from a friend.Arlene G.

Dentures & Partials What to Expect

Dr. Desbordes will perform a thorough evaluation of your oral health and discuss your personal concerns and goals during an initial consultation to determine if dentures are the best option for replacing your missing teeth. Your treatment plan will be determined by your oral health, lifestyle, budget, and number and placement of missing teeth. Dr. Desbordes may recommend using implant-supported dentures, or “all-on-four”, because of the many long-term oral health benefits they offer patients.

In just a few visits to our Woodlawn, MD dentist office, Dr. Desbordes can have you fitted with your new dentures. Whether you choose removable or implant-secured dentures, Dr. Desbordes will begin your procedure by taking dental impressions.

Once your impressions are created, they will be sent to our local dental lab to be fabricated into your custom-designed denture. Once fabricated, Dr. Desbordes will help you adjust your denture to ensure a proper fit for full function and pleasing aesthetic results.

Benefits of Implant-secured Dentures

Implant dentures have a 95% or better success rate when properly taken care of. Dental implant-secured dentures are an investment in your long-term oral health. Implant dentures offer the best long-term benefits and will most likely require no additional cost in the future.

  • Supports jaw bone retention
  • Restores normal chewing function
  • Allows patient to speak and smile naturally
  • No daily maintenance other than brushing and flossing like natural teeth
  • No glues, adhesives, soaks, or rinses.

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If you have missing teeth or an ill-fitted denture, contact our dentist office in Windsor Mill. We welcome new patients and offer experienced, comprehensive dental care for your concerns and goals when it comes to your smile. Contact our dentist in Baltimore MD at (410) 216-4023 or request an appointment online.

Dentures & Partials FAQs

Will dentures change the way that I speak?

There is definitely an adjustment period when receiving dentures. You will need to practice a bit to master speaking; however, it is not like learning how to speak all over again. There may be some slight changes to your speech at first, but after a short period, you should regain your original speech patterns.

Will dentures change the way that I eat?

As you adjust to your dentures, you may find that you have some initial difficulty. It will take a period of adjustment, but you should find that it is easier to eat as you adapt to the dentures.

My dentures led to gum soreness. What do I need to do?

It is not uncommon for a patient to have some sore spots on their gums after receiving new dentures. There will be a period of time that you need to allow your mouth to get used to the new restoration. Contact your dentist and schedule an appointment to get your dentures adjusted if it has been causing you issues.