Emergency Dentistry Baltimore, MD

Dental Emergency An Overview

Dr. Byron Desbordes offers emergency dentistry to new and current patients. If you are experiencing a dental emergency call our Baltimore, MD dentist office immediately. Our dental care team will do everything they can to accommodate your dental emergency the same day. If your emergency is taking place after business hours, please call our Woodlawn, MD dentist office to leave a message. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Common dental emergencies are broken dental restorations, knocked-out teeth, or cracked teeth. Dr. Desbordes encourages patients experiencing a dental emergency to seek treatment as soon as possible. Treating your dental concern as soon as possible may help save your natural tooth.

The service I received was remarkable. You are treated with respect, courteous and tender loving care. They take the time to discuss the procedure upfront with you, as well as, the cost so that you understand the service you are…Melvera W.
My visit to Dr. Desbordes was excellent. He took me for an emergency. The treatment and the service of the staff was excellent.Wanda D.
I have been a patient of Dr. Desbordes for several years, and it's because of the quality service that he and his staff provide. I've never had to wait after arriving, and the staff took the time to explain my…John L.

Dental Emergency What to Expect

Dental Emergency FAQs

What should I do if my tooth is knocked out?

If you lose a tooth, use a cold compress to subside any bleeding and try and locate your missing tooth. Handle the tooth as little as possible picking it up by the crown. If there is any root left, it is important to try and preserve as much of the root structure as possible. Put the tooth in a cup of your own saliva or milk to help preserve it until the dentist can see you.

What should I do if my dental restoration breaks?

If any dental restoration becomes broken or falls out, do not try to reattach it yourself. If you can salvage any part of the crown, denture, or filling, bring it with you to your dentist appointment. Contact our Baltimore, MD dentist office to schedule an appointment to have a new dental restoration fabricated and fixed.

What should I do if I experience sever tooth pain?

Tooth pain can be a sign of tooth decay, an abscess, or other oral health concerns. If you are experiencing a sharp or shooting pain in your tooth contact your dentist immediately. Tooth pain is often a sign of a more serious oral health condition and should be treated as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any swelling try placing a cold compress on the area.

What do I do if I get something stuck between my teeth?

If normal flossing and brushing can not remove the object, contact our Woodlawn dentist office. Do not use anything other than floss to attempt to remove something from your teeth or gums.