Baltimore MD Dentist Office First Visit

Dr. Byron Desbordes welcomes new patients from many Baltimore area communities. We look forward to getting to know you as an individual, discussing your concerns and helping you achieve your cosmetic goals. Dr. Desbordes offers comprehensive dental care for your smile, taking the time to thoroughly evaluate your teeth, gums and jaw joints. A healthy smile needs healthy gums, strong teeth and jaw joints that are functioning comfortably and enabling the teeth to make proper contact.

Known for a compassionate, gentle manner, Dr. Desbordes welcomes patients that have been away from the dentist for some time and are suffering from poor oral health. We can help you to get back a healthy, functional smile that will boost your confidence and support both lasting oral health and your overall health and well-being.
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Your First Visit: What To Expect

When you come in for your first visit to our Windsor Mill dentist office, we welcome you as a member of our extended family. Dr. Desbordes believes the best dental care is a collaboration between an informed patient and dentist. We want to learn more about your unique smile, any concerns you may have about your dental health, and what factors may be affecting your dentistry such as lifestyle habits or medical conditions. In addition to your consultation with Dr. Desbordes, your first visit will also include:

If time allows, we will perform a dental cleaning. Otherwise, this can be scheduled before you leave the office. Dr. Desbordes will also discuss any additional recommended or desired treatments and work with you to create a personalized plan to meet your needs and goals. We hope that your first visit is the beginning of a lasting relationship and that as a partner in your healthcare, we can help you to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile.